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PureVoice - the brand from Czech Republic, officially came in 1995 thanks to Michal Šindelář (1975). We are proud to bring you just the best sound quality. In cooperation with the DOS Ltd., was fitted many of music clubs in our country by sound and light technologies. The equipments was supplied mainly from world-famous manufacturers, but also by our own production of power amplifiers, loudspeaker systems, microphones and most of the lighting effects. Soon our activities more closely corresponded to the current form, which is concentrated to the Studio sound technique. Not only for novice singers we can offer high-quality processing and realisation of demo records for a really small cash. We advise with the correct selection of microphones and other sound technology. 

Presentation of the first CD by Diana Ankudinova

On January 23, 2020, in Moscow, at the bard club "The Capercaillie's Nest", a single of the famous young singer Diana Ankudinova was presented. In a warm, friendly atmosphere, familiar songs and new songs were performed. Diana, as always, charmed, bewitched everyone present with her magical voice. Each listener received a gift from Diana’s CD with her autograph.
The repertoire of new songs was pleasantly surprised by the new format and professional presentation. These are the songs “In Your Voice”, “In Your City”, “How Are You There” and “On the Waves of Fate”.
One of these compositions was written by a composer from PureVoice.cz- Fania Shindelarzhova. We will be happy to cooperate further, grow together with international stars.
We wish the beautiful singer and talented person Diana Ankudinova prosperity, health, a happy life journey!
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In 2021 You Can Look forward Again To The Continuation Of The Talent Competition,
A Deadline Will Be Published Soon
To The Second Half Of 2021

International Competition of Art Generation 2021 - Prague 

          PureVoice Czech Republic Quality® as a partner agency Sozvezdie, launched write to the International Music Competition Art - Generation Prague in 2021, which will be in Prague. 

          It is a competitive festival of singers, pianists, dancers from around the world without age boundaries. From every artistic genre will be chosen according to age categories first, second and third place, winning a diploma and a medal. It also will award the main prize, a Grand-Prix, which gets the best one from the competition.

          Art Festival - Generation held year-round in many cultural places in the world. In Prague welcomed artists from all around the world for the first time and due to the great positive response to the competition founder Joni Jangtun from Sweden decided that in this year of the Golden Prague will meet again in the summer months. For more details, see the section "Art Generation".

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Baltica 2016 Riga - Stockholm - Riga


Longtime operation in the world of sounds and lights gives us a wealth of experience, which we use in the following areas of operation:

    Production and processing of audiovisual works at the professional level, filming and audio recording social events, advertising formation
    Making music tint - choreography, stage and film music, original compositions for shows and competitions
    Design and implementation of high quality audio recording, processing and reproduction of music and speech
    Brokerage activities in showbusinesu, counseling and organizing activity
    Repair and maintenance of audio apparatus and their parts, servicing tape decks, turntables, microphones, speakers, amplifiers and other parts     of NF technology
    Learning to play on fortepiano and singing - more on www.klaviristka.com
    Kasting - are establishing a new catalog for the area of film acting, advertising formation, DJ-ing and variety performances - contact us for more       information

Our broad range of services gives us versatility, outstanding team of professionals guarantees the best quality. Do not hesitate to contact us with any question, we will charge advise and recommend the ideal solution. Wherever possible, we also will comply with very specific and unique requirements.